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Silent Shout @silentshout

Noita's debut EP is essential electro-R&B! We're just swooning for Pink Noise.

New Ice Cream video!! In case you needed reminding how incredible their last album was.

New Bad Channels EP out next week! Latest single "Exo" is a massive, reverby dark wonderland.

Joanne Pollock's long-awaited debut album is coming out in June! Our happiness about this is extreme.

We're perennially in awe of London, ON synth wizard @wolfsaga. Colossal new track, new EP coming soon!

Katie McBride is now @kaedal! And her new single "Liar" is simply stunning.

Let @lisaconway peer into your soul with "How Much Shall We Bet?". Also, stop-motion animated video!!

Bernice's latest is pure magic, what a glorious percussive hook! New EP coming on June 16!

New Chance is putting out a mixtape!! Featuring some amazing contributors! We're so happy to premiere of Zoe Solomon's otherworldly vid for "Luck be a Lady" and can't wait to hear the whole tape.

The Ginla record comes out tomorrow! Listen to this song before it does and get excited!

Looks like it's gonna be a Doldrums summer. New album in June!! First single "Runnerup" will floor ya.