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Silent Shout @silentshout

Kashka's third album Relax is upon us and we are not astonished to find that we are astonished.

@lisaconway's new video is so magnificent and otherworldly! Not unlike her magical tunes.

New Tendencies aka @emenel is putting out an album on July 7! Here's the experimental, minimal "Monday 1" to whet your appetite.

Gabe Knox's second EP is a master class in beautiful, minimal synth work. Sounds like a lost classic!

LOVE Clairmont the Second's new vid for this Quest for Milk and Honey highlight! Directed it himself!

Emay's debut album is magnificent. Experimental underground hip-hop from Hamilton!

We like Leucrocuta's extra-dimensional pop very much! First EP is so wonderful and strange!

Best-of-May mix time!! So many good songs, only two ears with which to receive them!

New single and video from GAIIA! The tale of a most unsettling photo shoot...

Here's @stefanafratila's new music video! It's a stunningly-shot epic tale of misogyny, revenge, and dancing.

Noita's debut EP is essential electro-R&B! We're just swooning for Pink Noise.

New Ice Cream video!! In case you needed reminding how incredible their last album was.

New Bad Channels EP out next week! Latest single "Exo" is a massive, reverby dark wonderland.