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Fabio Neves / NO STEP @fabio

If you've read any of the "MP3 is dead" articles, you need to know that's absolutely not true.

Here's what actually happened: the patent for the MP3 format has expired, and this is a GOOD THING. Now EVERYONE can use the format without paying royalties to Fraunhoffer - including you, if you're programmer.

In other words, it's actually the opposite: MP3 is supported everywhere and is now completely royalty free and open source.

More info: marco.org/2017/05/15/mp3-isnt-

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@fabio Maybe Now We Can Get Some Wicked Features & Easier Sharing Features With MP3 Players And Files

@fabio you are honestly the only person that's​ posting​ real talk about this mp3 thing. So many news outlets are getting it all wrong. So frustrating. Hopefully more audio apps can use mp3 export functions without worrying about a royalty