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🗄🗄 ウンコロボ
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#Announcement #MastodonSocial

We are pleased to announce our new community moderators: @CM_chrismartin, @CM_noelle, and @CM_rushyo.

Their job is to help deal with reports, they are your point of contact for community related issues.

They are here to enforce the Community Guidelines, which can be found here: mastodon.social/about/more


Owen Pallett writing about the new Perfume Genius record is most lovely.


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Canadian politics, re: citizenship Show more

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Mastodon doesn't have any ad code and will never have ad or 3rd party tracking code in the source code.

Also, some website pretending to be a "mastodon ad network" is an excellent example for why the silly ™ mark after the Mastodon name is not such a silly thing

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Hehe forgeone conclusion what I'm doing on Saturday: @lojijuice + @zooowl + @plazas + Ghost Twin (in from Winnipeg!) at Handlebar:


Also, the new Loj (yep, I'm abbrevating it!) is THE BEST


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Katie McBride is now @kaedal! And her new single "Liar" is simply stunning.


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@Chip_Lacquer mmmm, this is full of things I like! ⚗

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Ooooh another Shabazz Palaces track from the new record...


Except now that it's two albums! In one day. And they're coming to Toronto. Quazarz is my new favourite word. ☄


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Let @lisaconway peer into your soul with "How Much Shall We Bet?". Also, stop-motion animated video!!


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Some documentation from the season's final Long Winter. Live recordings from Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Bunny, HEX (!), Protruders, Bonnie Trash + Deliluh. mechanicalforestsound.blogspot

Camp Wavelength lineup announced!!! Jessy Lanza and Os Tropies and Can You Feel It and @lojijuice and HATAW and Un Blonde and and and....


@vdour @GiniMezea Kenny G does not hold the record and it is not 14 hours

Have walked by this statue many times without learning Egerton Ryerson was a total scumbag who helped design the residential school system. Tear it down!