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The next Nite Comfort is August 6th, with Hybrid Frequency and Stargoon, star baby of Joe Strutt and The Night Shift on CJRU 1280AM's Luca Capone (along with starchild Matthew Fava).

B/c I have important things I should be working on today..

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"Marking a day no one—with the possible exception of Terry Gilliam—was sure would ever come, Terry Gilliam announced yesterday that he had completed principal photography on The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, a mere 17 years after he began shooting."



@digits I love his stuff! Was listening to Pacific today. His stuff with Miharu Koshi is great, he's been involved with a lot of projects!

Montreal's Le 4e Discours played a dark, sinister, and beautiful ambient set last night at Nite Comfort. Check him out! le4ediscours.bandcamp.com/

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The Toronto Music Advisory Council is considering new rules to help protect venues from closing.


Perhaps there's something here, but I won't pretend I'm optimistic about the outcome being terribly helpful for the underground community. But, as Michael Rancic notes, "Public pressure has been known to speed things up."

Here's where one can help apply that pressure! City Hall, June 5: facebook.com/events/1248579591

A couple of things I'm involved in this week: I'm playing with dreamSTATE and Lethbridge, AB's An Ant and An Atom for Audio Bleed this Saturday at Belljar, and Sunday is Nite Comfort with Montreal's Le 4 Discours and Goldbach/Sena!

Bikes, bands, buildings! This Saturday is Doors Open and Wavelength Music Series is hosting three FREE shows at three cool venues (plus after party!) As well, Bike Pirates are leading a bike tour between shows, please sign up here: bit.ly/2rdkX0B torontomusic.cloud/media/gCzqo

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Sneak peak of June's Nite Comfort show, with le 4 Discours (Montreal), and Goldbach/Sena!

Northumbria live at Nite Comfort on Sunday!