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So it looks like it's hardware problems with my Macbook Pro. Which means credit card problems will not be far behind :S

@SarcasmKid Oh gods. There was more than one????

@tek As long as the terminator - and the abandoned basement - is quiet, you'll get no complaints from me.

@kato I wanted something for the cottage, so I can listen to shortwave - my friend suggests that the price leaves me with about $0.50 to buy some tinfoil to make a hat too ;)

@GinnyMcQueen dooooo eeeet! Recorded > not recorded. Doing > not doing :)
(Why yes, I'm condemned to a day full of recording video and am trying to make the best of it in my mind...)

@kato I was just asking about this - a friend who is a former telecomms engineer suggested

If a radio can be said to be sexy, I believe this may be it.

@tek Basically my every morning this week. 0400 is not an acceptable time for "Heyyyyy laaaaadies, check me out!" Doesn't matter if you have arms or wings.

Festival gig and repartitioning a hard drive today. Let's hope I don't get the two confused.

Hey @digits - for some reason I couldn't help but think of you when I saw :D

Looks like I'm spending the day burning the work machine down to the bare metal & reinstalling. Think I'm going to bite the bullet & dual boot it. Hoping at least one OS will be able to do wifi :S

@digits Kind of awesome isn't it?

Bought a new lens for my DSLR this week. We've been doing a project of ASL videos for our songs, and it's going well enough, but I felt that lenses were the second weakest link (after my lack of skill!). So I picked up a 50mm prime lens and all of a sudden everything is new and magical!

@Sargoth *gets out staff paper & starts scoring for Wagnerian orchestra with extra cannons & Vox Diabolus organ stops*

@Gargron i had such cable attrition from my rolly chair that i eventually switched to an acoustic guitar for my office instrument. Also cuts down on rf hum from the display ;)

Mmmm this perfume-flavoured coffee is great. It goes so well with the perfume-flavoured breakfast smoothie, and the perfume-scented front porch... is that a perfumed skunk? How would I tell?

Got out of the shower & promptly knocked a bottle of The Girl's favourite perfume onto the tiled floor. Now everything smells like perfume & my feet have amusing shards of glass in them. Sigh. Gonna be one of those days.

Spending the day in the studio pretending I'm a competent cameraman & desperately hoping nobody notices that I have to check the notes written on my hand so I know which end I'm supposed to squint into.

@staticsafe We've put on ST:TNG for pretty much the same reason. I *hate* fireworks.

@staticsafe Treble starts from a higher elevation, has more time to sort its legs out, lands like a cat, pretends it meant that all along.

It's us poor sods in the alto clef that everybody forgets about.