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@staticsafe @CobaltVelvet I shall never look at a terminal the same way...

@staticsafe @CobaltVelvet wasn't there some crazy horror movie about piping through multiple cats???

@GinnyMcQueen West end of Toronto, sat on the porch with a book and a possibly heart attack inducing quantity of chocolate, watching the young raccoon wander across my yard.

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Hey Atlanta-area Fediverse. This pup is still looking for a forever home, or even someone who can foster him for a little bit. He was abandoned when his former family moved. He's getting neutured and spayed on 22 June (that's tomorrow as I post thing) but he really needs someone to take him in. Even if you can't take him, please boost.

What I should really do is boot back into OSX and download AfterEffects and do all those tutorials. But I just don't *wanna*.

@SarcasmKid I believe the predominant emotion is "banjoed". Although sometimes I get that confused with "caned". Could go either way.

@jalefkowit I watched the Eccleston season and thought "Hey maybe they didn't ruin it!" Made it about 2 eps into the next guy before going "nope nope nope nope nope".

@sungo Well I use Google's Inbox and also K9 Mail, so you can pretty much guarantee the cool kids won't touch those with a 10' pole :D

After doing principal photography for 25 (!!!) music videos in the past 2 weeks, today has been declared a day of rest for me and for @heatherdale - soon there will be no rest at all for @digits as he has to sort through this whole mess :D

@SarcasmKid Those numbers from 4'10" to 6'3" are feeling especially significant today ;)

@SarcasmKid In base 10 everything after 9 is just boring repetition. You can pretty much skip it from then on out.

Looks like the contagion is spreading - my partner @heatherdale has joined the fray!

So it looks like it's hardware problems with my Macbook Pro. Which means credit card problems will not be far behind :S

@SarcasmKid Oh gods. There was more than one????

@tek As long as the terminator - and the abandoned basement - is quiet, you'll get no complaints from me.

@kato I wanted something for the cottage, so I can listen to shortwave - my friend suggests that the price leaves me with about $0.50 to buy some tinfoil to make a hat too ;)

@GinnyMcQueen dooooo eeeet! Recorded > not recorded. Doing > not doing :)
(Why yes, I'm condemned to a day full of recording video and am trying to make the best of it in my mind...)

@kato I was just asking about this - a friend who is a former telecomms engineer suggested

If a radio can be said to be sexy, I believe this may be it.